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Meet our Rabbi & Rebbetzin

A Word From Us

“It continues to be both a privilege and a pleasure, not to mention a lot of fun, to lead this wonderful community and to get to know everyone personally. The warmth we all share with each other is the hallmark of what a community should be and what we have always envisioned for our community. The sincere desire of our members to not only be inspired, but to channel and fan that inspiration to achieve spiritual growth continues to amaze us. Judaism is about realizing that all of our potential is limitless and that we are all here to tap into that potential in order to strengthen our connection to be our best selves, to raise an even more committed next generation, and to deepen our relationship with Hashem. Thanks for letting us be part of your Jewish experience, and for being a part of ours!

Rabbi Rafi & Shira Lipner assumed the position of Rabbi and Rebbetzin at STC in August, 2012.

About Rabbi Rafi:
Rabbi Lipner graduated from Toronto’s Yeshivat Or Chaim High School and then continued his studies at Yeshivat HaKotel in Jerusalem, followed by Yeshiva University where he ultimately received his B.A. in Economics and MA in Education, as well as his Semicha (rabbinic ordination) through the Rabbeinu Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. After traveling the globe to participate in educational programs in Israel, the US, Europe and Australia, Rabbi Lipner finally returned to Toronto. For nearly 10 years, Rabbi Rafi served as a popular teacher at TanenbaumCHAT. 15 years ago, he founded The House, a young adult learning centre, which today inspires over 2500 participants annually. In addition to forging connections with all those he meets, Rabbi Lipner loves teaching, and his ever popular weekly Morning Jolt for moms never fails to inspire and start the day off right.

About Rebbetzin Shira:
Shira is a Toronto native who attended Ulpanat Orot and then spent a year learning in Israel after high school. She received her BA in Psychology from York University and her MA in Child Studies and Education from OISE/UT. Since she brought Rabbi Lipner back to Toronto to get married, she has taught a variety of subjects in several schools and currently teaches Judaic Studies at Tiferes Bais Yaakov as well as at Maayanos, a new post-high school seminary in Toronto. Shira inspires the women of our shul with her relevant and engaging classes and her incredibly well attended Simchat Torah and Shavuot shiurim, and the girls of both our shul and the community benefit from Shira’s renowned Beyond Bat Mitzvah program.

Warm and enthusiastic, the Lipners are charismatic spiritual leaders with an eye on the future. They always have an open home, big smiles and a kind word for everyone they meet, and Shira’s challah has been known to sway even the biggest skeptic!

The other team that they lead is their beautiful family of 8 children: Azarya, Shifra, Temima, Ahuva, Nesanel, Chaviva, Miri, and Tehilla!


Sat, 20 April 2024 12 Nisan 5784