Shaarei Tefillah

  • STC is the place to be!
  • Don't miss this great event
  • Guest speaker Rabbi Mordechai Machlis!!
  • STC is the place to be!
  • STC is the place to be!
  • Don't miss this great event

Welcome to Shaarei Tefillah, the destination for families from diverse Jewish backgrounds who share a common desire for relevant inspiration, strong Jewish values, personal growth and a warm welcoming community!


Meet ShulCloud

A New Website For 5774

Now you can pay online!

Welcome to ShulCloud!
STC's new, user friendly way to keep in touch.

Some of the amazing features you can look forward to with ShulCloud are:

  • Online payment & Donations.
  • Logging into your account and updating your own membership file.
  • An updated calendar
  • Photo albums
  • And much more...

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Maot Chittim Campaign

Money for Wheat (Food)

To contribute to Maot Chittin Campaign to help those in need with expenses for Pesach: there are several options:

  1. 1.       Make Cheque Payable to "Shaarei Tefillah Charity Fund"  memo: Maot Chittin

    2.       you can drop off cash to the office designated for that purpose.

    3.       You can make donation on line for "Rabbi Charity Fund" option.


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Sell your Chametz HERE

'Mechiras Chametz' Made Easy

Here's a little bit about WHY we sell Chametz for Passover:

A person who owns a large quantity of chametz which he is reluctant to dispose of, because doing so may cause him considerable financial loss, may sell his chametz to a non Jew.

After writing a bill of sale, one may leave the chametz in his home without transgressing the prohibitions of not seeing or having chametz, since the chametz no longer belongs to him


Sell Now! 

Mon, 21 April 2014 21 Nisan 5774